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5 Things I Hate About Shopping For Lingerie At Department Stores by Bren Lee Gomez

I fully believe in shopping as therapy – specifically, lingerie shopping. One my aunts used to tell me that if you ever felt like crap, skip the calorie binge and go shopping for sexy lingerie. She was a strong believer in the notion that nothing puts you in a good mood faster than some sexy lace. She was right – but she didn’t take into consideration the veritable hell that shopping for lingerie in a department store can be.

1. No Customer Service v. Too Much Customer Service

Why is it that when I need help (“Hi, where’s the DD+ section?”), I can never find help, and if I don’t need help, I’m being smothered by 5 different associates? I understand this problem isn’t unique to lingerie shopping, but it’s especially stressful in this situation. Being on the bustier side, I know I’m only going to have limited options, and I want to know where those are, right away. Don’t make me wistfully look at all the cute, smaller sized bras, wondering if they come in my size, desperately trying to locate someone before storming off and buying shoes instead because I couldn’t locate any help.


2. Sister Size Suggestions

If the store is sold out of my size, it’s sold out of my size – I understand that, regardless of whether or not I like it. Why, why, why, WHY must every sales associate suggest the “sister size” of a smaller cup with a bigger band? It’s my theory that this is the reason women who wear the wrong size are wearing the wrong size. Someone “sister sized” them long ago and they stuck to a 40C when they were really a 36DD.


3. Bra Sizing Forced On Me

From what I understand, there’s a huge percentage of women wearing the wrong bra size, for various reasons (see above). That’s not my problem. I’m pretty comfortable with my size, and I know what materials, cups, and styles work for me. If I wander into a lingerie department with sales associates coming at me with a tape measure and forcibly measuring my bust over my clothes is the easiest way to damper my shopping experience. If I wanted to be sized, I’d ask. Besides, those measurements are always wrong – they’re doing them over layers of clothes and usually (in my case) a push-up bra.


4. “We Don’t Carry That Size In Store, But We Can Order It Online For You”

NO. If I wanted to stay home and shop online, I would have done that – and now I do, pretty often, thanks to AdoreMe (wink wink). Buying lingerie should be a visceral, pleasant, uplifting (literally) experience. That’s why I chose to do it in person – I wanted to touch and ooh-and-ahh over the pretty fabrics and finishes, only to learn you don’t CARRY my size in store?! Ugh. Excuse me while I hate-buy panties with no matching bras.


5. Male Associates/ Other Women Shopping with their Man

Call me old-fashioned, but when I’m shopping for my unmentionables, I don’t need any dudes creeping on my selections. It weirds me out – and it ALWAYS happens to me. Some unassuming dude working his summer job asks me if I need help finding a size and I just look at him like, “What do you know about bra sizes, son?!” Or – and this is my pet peeve – women shopping with their male lovers. It’s never cute and adorable; it’s always sleazy and obnoxious. Why? Because it’s always a girl with high heels she can’t walk in and ridiculously big boobs with some dude wearing his sunglasses indoors, loudly chewing gum while yapping into his Bluetooth earpiece, occasionally yelling to his boo, “Whatever you want babe, but make sure it’s super revealing.” EW. Gag. Is this only in LA? Does this only happen to me? The only person I want to see my underwear will see them when I’m good and ready, and if I want him/her to -this is why I love AdoreMe’s “Show Your Lover” option; it’s discreet and you won’t skeeve any other shoppers out.

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