See what our sexy, seductive, and glamorous members have to say about us!

"Adore Me is an awesome concept! You get your personalized  lingerie showroom every month and you purchase when you like. How great is that?"
- Janise De Leon

"Lingerie is usually expensive, but Adore Me is a steal! That's what I love! That's what women want. I can't wait to see my new lingerie every month!"
- Sarah Ratto

"Just $39.95 for such a great quality and fitting, it's amazing! And come on everything is free! Shipping, exchanges, and tons of crazy one time deals!"
- Emilee Escobar

"Every month I can share my showroom with my lover and let him choose what he likes, or I can request him for a present :) pleasing me and him at the same time... This is absolutely what the female world was waiting for!"
- Crystal Simmons

"I'm really happy to be the one to tell all my friends about Adore Me. First they love it (so they love me) and second I get free lingerie doing so :)"
- Stephanie Reeves

"I love the personal help of the stylists. I could never afford these girls who dress stars and now they are here advising me and filling my showroom. How good that feels!"
- Desiree Fondent

"Just like I love my clothing to feel good and look glamorous, I feel the same way about my under-garments from Adore Me and there is nothing wrong with loving fabulous lingerie for yourself."
- Andrea Summers

"I love it for myself, and I love it for my fiance. He actually is the one who offered Adore Me to me. Go gilrs! It's the present a guy can't refuse!"
- Linda Tarchine