Your 20’s are about discovering who you can be, finally sipping a legal cocktail, and having a bunch of energy for days and days on end. But your 30’s are where it’s at. You might be tired most of the time, and hangovers last up to 3 terrible, horrible days, but hey, your 30’s are the best years of your life. Here’s why:

1. You won’t be insecure anymore.

11Your 20’s are a crazy time of insecurity, even though you’re at your best level of fitness, and you have amazing skin. Once you hit the big 3-0, you throw your insecurities out the window and own your flaws.

2. You’ll be way smarter.

You gained a bunch of knowledge over the years, and now you know you don’t have to waste time on rude people, and waiting on takeout.

3. You’ll know when to be smart – or not.

Since you’ve started your career, you now know you can run a meeting for the entire company then go home and attempt to chug an entire bottle of fancy wine. With your new smarts, you find a way to be as serious or as silly as you want.

4. Your taste becomes more expensive.

And because you can justify a $300 pair of jeans as an ‘investment’ piece, you don’t feel guilty about it either.

5. Your taste in men gets better, too.

Not saying they will have better finances, but we can just hope you can weed out the total losers now!

6. You’re reaching your peak.

In a good way. Your sexual peak occurs in a woman’s 30’s so…you go, girl!

7. You’ll have so much chill time.

Because you’ll crave it. And because your new 1st boyfriend is now your bed.

8. Getting carded is kinda awesome.

If getting carded in your 20’s was the most irritating thing in the world, you’ll actually take it as a compliment when people card you in your 30’s.

9. Champagne isn’t just for occasions.

Your thirties are when you can drink legally, and you have the money to drink quality drinks. Keeping top notch drinks in your home are technically an investment in not having a year-long hangover.

10. You get that life is way too short.

You refuse to waste your time on silly drama, and dwelling on things that go wrong.

So remember, turning 30 is a lot like turning…Beyonce.


What do you look forward to in your thirties? Are you already the big 3-0? Share your experience in the comments!