Let’s get one thing out of the way: being a strong, fit, athletic girl is awesome. Whether you work out for the glow it gives your skin, the rush of being on a team, or the confidence of being fit and active, breaking a sweat on the regular can make you feel incredible. Of course, all those hours on the track and in the gym have their downsides.

If you’re a fit chick, these struggles are all too real.

Never being able to find jeans that zip over your butt. At least those squats are getting results!

Also, boots and skinny jeans won’t zip over your ripped calves.

Struggling to walk down stairs or drive after an insane workout.

Wondering how other girls live on salad and green juice when you take down an entire pizza after a long run.


Your idea of a dream shopping spree is new running tanks, spandex, and sneakers.

When people caution you against getting too “muscular.” Muscles can be feminine, thanks very much.

You can’t make a blowout last more than a day because you’re always showering.

Confronting weird looks in the weight room. Yes, you can lift heavy, and no, you don’t need help!

You have to do twice as much laundry because waiting even a few days to wash your gear makes your entire apartment smell like a dumpster.

You take physical challenges – like arm wrestling, darts, or a race to the car – way too seriously.

When someone tells you “you don’t need to work out, you already look great!” There are other reasons to work out besides losing weight.

“I can’t, have practice.” Enough said.

What are your struggles as a boss babe who’s trying to get fit? Leave a comment below!