Hey girl! Are you sitting down? All of your big/small/mismatched/splayed/pointy boob problems are officially a thing of the past. (Contain your excitement.) Regardless of your size there’s a camp for you and a cure to your bra-fitting woes. Check them out below!

back bulge

Rising Back-Band

The fix: A smaller band size.

Is your back band anything but parallel to the floor? If you answered yes, we have a slight problem. Whether it’s uncomfortable or not, it’s not a good look – you’re wearing a band size that’s too big. Maybe you purchased your bra and it fit perfectly, and it loosened over time. (This is completely normal!) Or, you just bought the wrong size altogether. If you need to get a smaller size band and not just replace your trusty old bra, remember to go up a cup size.

e.g. A 36C would need a 34D.

center gore

Center Gore Floats Away From Chest

The fix: A smaller band or larger cup.

Here’s evidence of a bra that just doesn’t fit at all! The problem here is that the part right between the cups isn’t lying directly against your chest. You could have a cup that’s too small, making your breasts to hold the gore away from your chest, or the band is too big, allowing your breasts to hold the gore away from your chest. If you can fit more than 2 fingers between your band and your back, you need a smaller band. If your cup is too small and you see some spillage, you should go up a cup size.


Spillage Over Cups

The fix: A larger cup size.

The dreaded quadboob, or in some rare cases, uniboob, is common in busty women. If your breasts are on the larger side, try out a full coverage bra, or just increase the cup size. In this case, you probably don’t need a bigger band, just a bigger cup.

E.g. A size A cup can really be a D cup in this case. Try each cup and see what fits best.

side spillage

Side Spillage

The fix: Side seams or boning.

If you have splayed breasts or breasts that settle towards your sides and not front-and-center, side spillage can be your worst enemy. A great way to make the ladies about face is to try a bra with side boning or seams. Styles like the balconette tend to have side boning for extra structure on the side, and full coverage styles usually have side seams. If you have side spillage and a smaller bust size, you can even try a push-up that has more padding at your sides than at the bottom of the cup.



The fix: A better fabric.

Ugh, chafing. A painful bra is the last thing we need in life, but it can be because of a few reasons. If your bra is too tight, allowing your breast to rub against your skin or against each other, it can cause chafing. You may need to try a few different bra styles to see what allows your girls to lift away from your ribcage, and separate. A longline could be your cure all!

gaping in

Gaping In Cups

The fix: A demi-cup/balconette bra.

When it seems like the girls are just swimming around in your bra cups, it does not feel good. Your bra should feel secure and supportive, and this situation is like having a frenemy taking care of  your bra fit. This situation usually occurs with smaller breasts that aren’t a full-cup shape. Try tightening your straps first. If that doesn’t work, go down a cup size and experiment with a new style. A demi or a balconette cup that will cut lower on the breast, and lift.

E.g. A size B cup can really be an A cup in this case. Try each cup and see what fits best.


Back Bulge

The fix: A larger band size.

It’s likely that your band size is too small, or not wide enough. Every body is different and sometimes a wider band size is all you need to smooth your back, and give you the support you need! Try going up one band size, or explore wider bands you can find on a longline style.


Boob Sweat

The fix: Breathable fabrics.

Boob sweat is a sign you’re wearing a bra with a little too much padding, or a smothering fabric. An unlined style like this one will allow your ladies to breathe while providing the structure you want. Another option is a lightly lined bra, or a t-shirt bra because they tend to be lightly lined (to absorb sweat) without making you sweat even more!


Slipping Straps

The fix: Tighten straps.

Most of us don’t consider that the straps and band on our bras tend to stretch over time, regardless of how many times we wash and dry (by mistake of course). Try tightening your straps first. If this doesn’t work, you may just have narrow shoulders that require a style that has straps that sit closer together in the back. A racerback bra would work wonders and they look cute.


Straps That Dig

The fix: Go down a band size.

If you’re leaving all of the heavy lifting to your straps all day, every day, then we have now figured out why you daydream about getting home to take your bra off. A bra in a smaller band size is your prescription here.

E.g. A size 38 band can really be an 34 cup in this case. Try each band size and see what fits best.



The fix: Lightly lined bras.

Are your headlights always on ‘brights’ but you can’t stand the idea of a push-up bra? You don’t need all of that extra padding to keep your nipples at bay. Try a contour or lightly lined bra in any style, and you should feel as natural as you please without feeling like everyone can see the headlights. Are you in love with all of the bras in your lingerie drawer? Get reusable sticky petals, and wear them with all of your faves for a little extra coverage.

Are you going to try any of these bra problem solutions? Let us know what your biggest gripe has been with your bras!

Still confused about what’s keeping your bras from fitting just right? Make sure you’re wearing the right bra for your shape.