The average bra size in the United States is 34DD, but not everyone is just average. There’s still a strong presence in the elite squad, the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. If you’re a member, you can recall when you hit puberty and kept telling yourself ‘any day now, I’ll have boobs, any. day. now,’ and 10 years later still nothing. Here are the 11 big problems girls with small boobs understand.

1. Push-up bras.

Don’t even get us started on push-up bras. We have NOTHING TO PUSH UP!

2. You tried stuffing.

When you still had hope something would happen in middle school or highschool, you tried to stuff your bra. This may have been a great band-aid to your sad situation – until you had to hit the pool.

3. My eyes are up HERE.

Just kidding, you never had to say that to anyone. Excuse us as we sob quietly in the corner.

4. The term “cleavage”

Cleavage is and always will be some kind of sick joke to you.

5. Lying down.

The fear of lying down naked and losing your boobs altogether is real.

6. Hooking up.

Having to come clean about being flat chested before the new guy you’re dating takes off your insane gel push-up bra and creepy chicken fillets you stuffed in there, and realizes there’s nothing underneath.

7. Good old BC.

You tried to get a birth control prescription at one point or another to try to increase your cup size. And it didn’t work.

8. The evil bandeau.

Since you gave up on the push-ups, you try a bandeau to keep the headlights at bay – only to find out that’ll just slip down and become a belt at any given moment.

9. Bikini sets.

Shopping for bikini sets is the worst when you can’t mix and match sizes. Extra-small top and medium bottom, anyone?

10. Food Gods.

You pray to the food Gods that you’ll put on some weight and it’ll go to your boobs. Then deal with the soul crushing reality it just goes to your stomach. Which now sticks out further than your boobs.

11. Pitched tents.

That moment when you try to go braless and realize you still need nip coverage and a little shaping – otherwise it looks like two tents being pitched inside your top.

12. Boob gap.

When you wear a low-cut top and everyone can see the gap between your boob and bra because you can’t fill out the cup.

But hey, you can sleep on your stomach AND run naked. So it’s not all that bad, right?

What are some small boob problems you have? Share them in a comment below!