Getting between the sheets with someone is a wonderful pastime – but it’s only considered great when you feel good about yourself and of course your partner. We’ve all experienced a selfish lover at one point or another, and attempted to take the blame for a not-so-awesome time instead of just telling it like it is! It’s them, not you. Here are the things that may happen in the bedroom and will seriously guarantee you’re having sex with the wrong person.

1. Post-sex

You feel bad about it afterwards. Like, what have you done?!

2. Lights out

You keep your eyes closed for most/all of it or the lights need to be off.

3. You hate your self-ie

Your partner makes you feel bad about your performance every time.

4. You daydream

You daydream during sex about having sex with anyone else but who you’re with.

5. They’re selfish

They only care about their own needs before, during and after.

6. So many secrets

You don’t want to share your ‘feelings’ about what you like and don’t like in bed.

7. No condom?!

They refuse to respect your wishes to wear a condom. So. Selfish.

8. It’s a snore

Sex with this person is soooo boooorrriiing.

9. No connection

You don’t connect with them. You don’t have a strong physical, emotional or intellectual connection.

10. Feedback

They always want to give you feedback about what you could do better or how you could look better.

11. Sex noises

When your body makes those ‘natural’ sex noises, they turn the situation into a super awkward one.

12. Foreplay is a bust

Since you can’t trust this person enough to be honest about what you want, then foreplay is never a fun time.

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