Being curvy can be as much of a curse as it is a gift. When your body resembles something like the number 8, you know you have that hourglass thing going on (yass kween) but the dark side of having a booty that won’t quit is that it just wasn’t made to withstand high levels of heat and humidity. Boobies gonna boob. Here are the 14 problems curvy women deal with in the summer. The struggle is REAL.

1. ‘Chub’ rub.

Wearing a skirt or short shorts always, always leads to chafing hell. So we put deodorant everywhere our body has been plotting against us.

2. Denim underwear.

Short shorts are actually underwear. And even if you go with a high-waisted short, you end up spending the entire day trying to keep them from riding up your thighs.

3. Gravity is a terrible, horrible troll.

When you sit down, your legs that once fit perfectly in your shorts double in size.

4. Topless City, Population: You

Want to take a dip? There’s a 99.9% chance you’ll lose your bikini top when a strong wave hits your body.

5. Boob, please return to your assigned seat.

Running in a revealing top (because it’s way too hot for sleeves) is torture. See: cleavage as weapons, or self-inflicted black eyes.

6. It’s like Mardi Gras, everyday.

When you wear Summer dresses and fear bending over and flashing everyone and their mom.

7. Betrayed. By the booty.

Skirts and dresses always fit okay in the front and never the same in the back.

8. Sweat knows no bounds.

Sweating doesn’t just happen in the underarm region. It happens ev-er-y-where…

9. Can we start a campaign against this?

Underboob sweat is REAL. #EndBoobSweat

10. …and butt sweat.

When you go out in shorts and you fear leaving butt sweat wherever you sit.

11. Screenprint tops = Sand Art

Wearing cute sayings on your tank tops always turns out like Sand Art.

12. Backless: Impossible

Unless you want to show off a cute bra, backless dresses are impossible to wear. Oh hey, jiggle city.

13. Living on the edge. JK.

Trying to try jet skiing? LOL. Every busty girl knows life jackets never fit right. Unless you’re looking for a life jacket/corset that won’t allow you to breathe like a normal human.

14. Gravity is a MOTHER-

Laying down on your back at the beach means pancake boob. Laying down on your stomach means your body creates its own divots in the sand. Ugh.

Which curvy girl problems do you experience in the Summer? Share your experience in a comment below!

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