They say good things come in small packages, and we have to agree. Still, being a travel-sized human isn’t always sunshine and platform sneakers. Sometimes it’s a real struggle being a five foot person in a six foot world. Does the top of your hair look okay? Will you be able to reach the gas pedals if you buy a new car? The struggle is all too real.

1If you’re petite, you’ll lol at these things all short girls know to be true.

1. Heels.

2The higher the heel, the closer to heaven. No matter what.

2. The moment of truth.

3On the rare occasions you don’t wear heels, half your friends are genuinely shocked at how small you are.

3. Can’t a girl get a drink?

4Getting carded at bars stops being fun sooner than you think. It’s been five years, can you live?

4. #instatiny

5Taking a group photo is impossible unless someone gives you a chair to stand on.

5. I’m wayyyy up.

6Step stools are as important to you as your phone charger.

6. Bottom shelf Queen.

Grocery shopping alone? Say goodbye to anything on the top shelf.

7. Dress codes.

7Dress codes be damned, micro-minis are your friend. Short girls can get away with shorter hemlines than their taller friends.

8. Might drown.

8The shallow end is where you live in the pool at all times.

9. The smell of heaven.

9Guys that wear cologne on their chests are pretty much your kryptonite because their pecs are right at eye level.

10. CUTE.

10Being called “cute” isn’t always a compliment. Maybe “cute” wants to be called “sexy” just one time.

11. 1 pound.

11You totally felt for Regina George. When you’re tiny, even a few pounds make a huge difference.

12. Little spoon.

You’re always the little spoon.

13. Concerts.

stiltsYou’ve seriously considered wearing stilts to a concert. You paid full price to see five hundred pairs of shoulders. Awesome.

14. Working out is a work out.

working out
You know how to adjust every single piece of equipment at the gym, and half of it is still too big for you to use.

15. ‘Great’ lengths.

You’ve known how to hem, cuff, and roll your pants since you were like, 10.

16. Do I look like a baby?

picked up
No, it’s not funny to be picked up. You’re a person, not a teacup yorkie.

17. JK, I’m drunk

Unless you’re drunk. Drunk piggyback rides are the best.