Dating in this tech-crazed world is HARD enough (See: Ghosting), so why set yourself back when finally meeting a new guy? Check out the 21 things you should never say on a first date.

1. Are you bi? Your shoes look bi.
2. I have a third nipple, and you should totally check it out.
3. You remind me of my dad (or mom).
4. So how many people have you slept with on Tinder?
5. You’d make such a hot dad (or mom).
56. My ex always called me [insert weird nickname]….
7. Is your friend from your dating profile picture single or nah?
8. **cries**
9. We should definitely travel together.
11. You’d really like my husband (or wife).
12. My therapist keeps telling me to stop calling my ex.
13. You’ll need to start drinking a little faster if you want to hang out with me. By a little I mean a lot.
14. I’m just going to order some drinks for my friends. They’re on their way.
1615. Our kids would be so good looking.
16. How many dates have you been on this week?
17. My s/o and I have been looking for a third for-ev-er.
18. So glad I met you before I leave on a trip for 6 months!
19. I Googled you, but don’t worry, I didn’t look past the first page of results.
21. How much money do you make?
2122. Have you ever considered losing weight?
23. Okay, so I wanted to share this deep, dark secret with you…
2524. My family is literally insane.
25. Soooo, how do you think our date went?

Have you ever heard any of these lines on a first date? Share the worst thing you heard on a first date with us below!