So you’re looking for a cuddle buddy to get you through the winter, and everyone knows that you need 2-4 months to really get to know if someone will be your long-term boo. See: Cuffing season has arrived. But dating in the fall isn’t all apple picking and hot cocoa dates. It comes with a lot of weird situations to navigate through that are way worse than a cheesy corn maze.

1. Meet the Parents

11If your relationship leans to the serious side, (and your families are local), it’s likely you’ll have to meet his parents. But, this awkward situation goes two ways: either he wants you to meet them and it’s an odd experience, or he doesn’t want you to meet them and you take offense. Either way, family holidays are the worst.

2. Gifting

12With autumn comes Thanksgiving which quickly drops us into the black hole of holiday celebrations. Buying someone a gift is seriously nerve wracking, especially if it’s for your new beau you’re trying to impress. Plus, if he invites you to celebrate with his family, you’ll have to get them gifts too (even if it’s something small) which is always the absolute worst. Cue: Just another thing for everyone in his family to judge you for!

3. The Limit Does (not) Exist

13Fall is the best time to get laid. Let’s be real: you’d think that since you ran around half naked all summer long you would have had better chances of having some summer fling fun. But, researchers say that ‘tis the season for a weird saliva fluctuation, and that people reach their highest testosterone levels in the fall.

What’s the worst thing about dating someone in the fall? Let us know what your experience was like!