Summertime is all about fun in the sun and adventure. However, if your lover decides to break things off, it can seriously put a damper on things. Instead of eating those tickets to the nearest island, or selling that hotel reservation for two, we have a solution for you. Here are 3 ways a summer fling could help you get over your worst breakup.

Expiration Dating

When initiating a wild and fun fling, you keep it real with one another that you’re not looking for something serious. You both know it’s temporary so you are both more likely to be an open book, instead of guarding your feelings or falling too hard. It’s like a super-chill romantic vacation from real life.

Zero Expectations

When there are zero expectations set on one another, that means no pressure to act more like a lady, or for him to act like a die hard gentleman. You’re also so far from sizing each other up against what your ideal life partner would be like. You’re both mentally on vacation and will take risks you usually wouldn’t have with your exes – carpe diem and ride that rollercoaster, girl. It’s so much easier to be yourself and throw caution to the wind when you are busy falling in love with yourself again.

No More 3rd Wheel

So when things went from ‘It’s Complicated’ to ‘Single’ you were probably worried you’d be the third wheel at all your friends’ Summer events. Well, now you have someone to take with you for that boozy brunch or picnic in the park, without getting a bunch of sad stares and ‘I’m concerned’ chats from your besties. If you have a partner to bring to group things, and you’ll feel less singled out (literally).

Have you ever had a summer fling? What’s your best summer fling story?