It’s second-helping season, and we’re looking forward to getting our grub on with our family and friends. But what’s better than some fam time? Friendsgiving! Here’s how to throw a Friendsgiving that isn’t a total yawn.

1. Expand the Menu

Everyone you invite to your dinner should bring something. Whether they actually cook or order a crazy good pie, everyone should be responsible for bringing their food and drink of choice to add to the menu. Variety is key!

2. Make it Saucy

In order to have a saucy good time that’s not like your average party, make a seasonal cocktail in bulk to keep the place smelling like autumn and get everyone a little tipsy. Our fave drinks to make a big pot of and spread the cozy pumpkin spice vibe are Hot Toddies and apple pie bourbon shots!

3. Game On!

Each guest or couple should be required to bring a game of their choice, to keep the party going long after you’ve eaten everything in sight. But there’s always Cards Against Humanity to push it to the limit.

4. For Your Viewing Pleasure

So when your jean button is unbuttoned and you’re about to slip into that food coma, keep everyone comfy-cozy and binge watch your favorite holiday movies.

5. Recover

Since everyone will be drinking more than they probably should, you definitely want to make sure everyone can recover properly. Make a hangover friendly dish everyone can bring home. It doesn’t have to be anything that takes a long time to make, but a bacon or bread dish that can fit in a mason jar can come in clutch when your Friendsgiving attendees can barely roll out of bed the next day.

Are you going to celebrate Friendsgiving? Let us know your plans in a comment below!