Let’s get real, girls: Some (most of us) don’t look for gravity-defying implants and breast lifts when we see the first sign of breast sag. Not only is breast surgery super invasive, but why not make the best of what you’ve got? Luckily we can keep our wallets (and breasts) happy with these tips! Here’s how to keep your boobs perky.

First, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these 7 factors that affect sagging:

1. Number of Pregnancies
2. Cigarette Smoking
3. Weight Gain or Loss
4. Breast Cup Size Prior to Pregnancy
5. Loss of Skin Elasticity
6. Genetic Traits
7. Excessive Drinking

So, now that we have the covered, let’s move on to the ways you can naturally keep your boobs perky!

1. Sweat!

sweatYour breasts don’t contain any muscle tissue, however, it can always help to try resistance exercises to build and tone your pectoral muscles. Though it won’t help with dramatic sagging, your chest will appear to have a lifted appearance.

2. Always, always moisturize and use SPF.

2The chest and breasts, just like the face, have delicate skin that contain collagen and elastin. So, each time you moisturize your face, make sure your breasts are just as moisturized. Consider the same when it comes to SPF – Ultraviolet light breaks down the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin firm and pliable. Applying moisturizer with SPF each day should do the trick!

3. Avoid drastic weight fluctuations.

3When your weight fluctuates, it’s likely your skin will react negatively. It’s not easy to avoid weight changes, especially when they go hand in hand with hormonal changes like menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is why crash-dieting is the worst thing you could do to your breasts. It can thin out your fat layer on the breast, and result in permanent damage to the skin that supports the girls.

4. Keep your posture…perky!

4The better your posture, the more likely your breasts will stand at attention! If you see your shoulders getting rounded (because you have a desk job and hunch over your computer – we’re all guilty of this!) then your boobs will appear heavier and lower. Try some core exercises to help support your back, or just play with your posture in a mirror and apply that to your everyday!

5. Get a GOOD bra.

braThough a good bra won’t keep your boobs from sagging, having the right bra can provide the support you need to achieve better posture. Also, the right sports bra will help you run faster and be in wayy less pain when you exercise.

So which tip do you think would work for you? Do you have any to share? Dish it out in a comment below!