If you’re addicted to lingerie, you know that it’s one of the healthiest types of addictions to have in life. It’s not technically hoarding if you have lingerie-stuffed drawers and a dedicated lingerie closet. Right?! Right. Share this with your beau, because he really doesn’t know any better (or he can’t see past your mountain of bras, but whatever).

1. She Knows When To Treat Herself


A true woman knows how to treat herself. Whether it’s a trip to the spa, an extra dessert (for one), or a new set of super lacy lingerie, she treats herself how she’d want to be treated.

2. Her Confidence Is In Check


Her self-esteem is in check. And that’s because her lingerie matches! Technically speaking this decreases the likelihood that she’ll look through your phone when you’re in the shower by 15%. Ha, just kidding! She tends to have some serious self worth because she’s killin’ it in matching underpinnings.

3. She’s Pretty Grounded


Good lingerie is the foundation to the perfect outfit. Underwear lines, gaping cups or it’s terrible opposite, the quad boob, can ruin any decent dress, top or bottom. If your girl knows this much, she likely has a stable, good foundation in life. She’s detail oriented and knows to think things through from start to finish.

4. Her Feminine Side Is Never Compromised


Don’t let her cute joggers or leggings fool you: When running errands or grabbing a quick cup of coffee, you know her underpinnings are cute/sexy/bold/adventurous just like she is. Though she may not be dressed to the nines 24/7, what makes her feel super feminine is the first layer she has on underneath it all.

5. She Knows What Quality Is


The fabrics and fit that are closest to your skin are the most important. Cheap, uncomfortable bra and panty sets can only heed a bad fit and in some cases, skin irritation. Yikes! She knows great quality when she sees it, and that doesn’t stop at her lingerie drawer – if her focus is on the quality details, that also spills over into her work life, and love life – here’s lookin’ at you!

6. She’s Inspiring


Any lady who knows how to dress for her curves and accentuate her style with lingerie has a seriously creative side. Whether she’s channeling a sassy vibe with a lacy red set on a Monday, or a relaxed sexy vibe in a pink babydoll from Saturday to Sunday (yes, she’s very relaxed) she knows how to dress for her mood. To some dudes, that’s seriously inspiring, and to others…well, they know when to use kind words that may put her in a better mood. Good boy!

Are you a lingerie addict? How does your healthy addiction make you a better S.O.? Dish it out in a comment below!