Whether or not you’re sexually active now, learning about it at the same second you first got your period was probably not the right time to be given the lesson: What is Sex? By no means were we totally left in the dark, but learning from what seemed like a medical textbook of weird words and black and white diagrams definitely left some gaps in the process. Also, we were kinda distracted by our current crush, the new Delia’s catalog and figuring out how we were going to pass chemistry that year – or maybe that was just us…So here are the 9 things that taught us more about sex than Sex Ed.

1. That One Over-Sexualized, Older Friend

This friend you totally should not have been hanging out with taught you more about oral than you wish to remember, because they shared way too many details…Luckily, they’re scary stories kept you from so many awkward situations.

2. Online Forums

At the dawn of sites like Alloy (Delia’s fierce, cheaper competitor) and super random forums, we could easily pore through weird threads and comments of what people believed sex would be like and the harsh realities they were actually confronted with.

3. Professor Mom

Mom could have had her own syllabus on what she thought you should or shouldn’t learn about sex, but this person could have also been your aunt or sister. We’d like to say that 90% of the time, this ‘sex ed professor’ in your life injected their weird or dated opinions on sex and dating.

4. Judy Blume

If you’ve ever read a JB novel, you know what we mean. But, if you haven’t, pick up the premature read ‘Summer Sisters’ by Judy Blume – then you’ll immediately understand it was pretty much about oral sex.

5. Sleepaway Camp

Did you go to sleepaway camp? We did and learned everything about sex before we even got a visual on an-y-thing. This didn’t keep us from inaccurately retaining the information, nor was it actually accurate from the get-go. Let’s remember we’re learning from girls who were the same exact age and obviously at sleepaway camp with a billion other girls and not at home hooking up with boys.

6. Drug Store Novels

If you got your hands on one of your grandmother’s novels with Fabio’s flowing hair, pecs, and tousled shirt, holding a damsel in distress on the cover then you GET IT. These books weren’t for your virgin eyes, and they definitely weren’t any good just as a literary whole at the same time.

Ahh, what is was to be young….