If you follow Adore Me on Instagram (@AdoreMe), you may have seen some fresh new illustrations of our tried and true underpinnings. We launched an #AdoreMeIllustrated challenge, and after dozens of fashion illustrators sent in their fresh takes on Adore Me lingerie bras, panties, slips and more, we couldn’t help but pick out some of our faves!

Take a look at our 8 favorite artists from the Adore Me Illustrated challenge!

Artist: Joanna Baker | @joannabaker


Artist: Kristine Steiner | @kyjsteiner

Kristine Steiner_Adore Me Illustration 1_1x1_In January 15

Artist: Oktarina | @oktarinacil

@oktarinacil_Adore Me Illustration_Julianna_In February 1

Artist: Maria Saporito | @merysaporito

Maria Saporito_Adore Me Illustration_Carlita_In January 18


Maria Saporito_Adore Me Illustration_Pandora_In January 18



Maria Saporito_Adore Me Illustration_Nicolette_In January 18


Artist: Ly Truong | @foxtly


Artist: Rose | @rosalitafashion

Rosalita _Adore Me Illustration 1_In January 15

Artist: Rongrong Devoe | @rongrong_devoe_illustration

@rongrong_devoe_illustration_Adore Me Illustration_In January 31

Artist: Laura Kay | @diarysketcheslk

@diarysketcheslk_Adore Me Illustration_Carlita and Lidia_In January 20

Let us know which illustrations are your faves!

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