So, you know how your parents acted once they got all of the kids out of the house? You know, DVR-ing American Idol and Shark Tank, drinking tea and snacking on some fresh fruit? When you’re in a relationship for long enough, that can be you. Here are signs that you and your boyfriend are in fact, old AF in young-ish bodies.

1. You talk crap about each other’s parents.

You’ve had enough of his mother’s backhanded comments about your cooking, and the way your father puts him down has got to stop. You’re adults now, nay, old ass adults.

2. Your anniversary is more like a shmaniversary.

The amount of dates and cards and gifts you given each other over the years is kinda insane. Plus, the ideas are getting stale and you both are completely content with a night in and a bottle of wine.

3. You don’t stress about your looks.

You have your ‘comfy pants’ and when you get into them at the end of the day, all bets are off. No sex, no way.

4. You’re practically hermits.

You’re old and you love to save money. And time. And maximize on sleep. If your friends invite you out, you’re most likely to turn them down.

5. Going out is a big deal.

When you do accept (or just can’t turn your best friend down on her wedding day) you prepare to exit your cave for days. Plus, you haven’t waxed in a whiiiiile.

6. Sexy time isn’t as wild.

Your quality time between the sheets has become a bit stale and a little too comfortable. Did he burp during sex? Are your legs incessantly hairy? The excitement has left the room.

7. Cute convos are obsolete.

You try to have a cute conversation and it always leads to how much money you’ve spent that week. Then you beat yourself up for creating an Amazon account ‘for the house.’

8. You’re totally OK with this.

You and your honey are settled in and broken in like an old leather couch – but neither of you would trade it for the world. Maybe you have love handles and his beer gut is less-than-sexy, who cares? You don’t. You’re both too busy binging on Netflix anyway.

Are you and your boyfriend just like an old married couple? Dish it out in a comment below!