We live in a seriously fast paced world and sometimes we lose our grip on what actually matters. A new post on Instagram to show our friends what we’re up to, or getting some much needed R&R? We have to stop feeling so guilty about cancelling plans or just refusing to make them here and there. Here are the 8 times you shouldn’t feel guilty about cancelling a date.

1. When you need alone time.

1 Going on a date can be fun and get us out of our heads, but if you need some time alone to get centered, you should never feel guilty about taking care of your mental health.

2. When you’re sleep deprived.

2 Do you feel like a zombie and kind of look like one too? Don’t push yourself to go out with a new guy if you’re not really feeling like yourself!

3. When you think you like his friend more than you like him.

3 Don’t force yourself out the door with fresh makeup on if you’re not even trying to date. Nothing’s worse than deceiving someone AND wasting makeup.

4. When you’re not in the mood to drink.

4 Sometimes you just need a cup of tea and some Seinfeld reruns.

5. When you have nothing to wear.

5 There’s no shame in our game, girl – and doing laundry is kind of the worst. If you have nothing to wear, don’t make your outfit work. It’ll just make you less confident.

6. When you’d rather not skip your barre class.

6 Working on your fitness and concentrating on your health should always, always come first! If you were looking forward to your barre class that evening, he should understand.

7. When you just had the longest week ever.

7Being burnt out isn’t the way to show someone who you really are. You’re at your worst, actually. Don’t subject him to that version of yourself, and get that beautyrest girl!

8. When you’re stressed out.

8 If you’re freaking out about a project at work, if your cat is sick, if you’re not feelin’ that pimple in the middle of your forehead, he’ll probably sense it. Take a chill pill and reschedule!

Which of these tips will you use when dating? Let us know why you cancelled your last date in a comment below!