We’re all for working out and staying healthy (shoutout to cheat days!) but there are plenty of gross things that happen when we do. Here are the 9 gross things about working out that we all champion through for the sake of health.

1. Chafing. Need we say more?

1Whether you’re chafing between your thighs or your nipples are literally bleeding, working out can come with chafing in absolutely all the worst places.

2. Painful swelling.

2There’s nothing worse than being painfully swollen and having to change your weekend plans to a boring and painful cycle of resting, icing, compressing, and elevating.

3. That guy.

3That one guy who decides to go barefoot at the gym and spread his gross fungus evenly across every mat. And yes, you just had your head on that. *gag*

4. That’s what those wipes are for!


Getting onto an elliptical machine to find that that moisture on the handles is not from it being wiped down by the person who was on it previously – it’s human sweat.

5. Your toenails.

5That moment when your toenail decides to abandon ship at mile 12 and falls the F off.

6. Callouses.

6You don’t have to work in construction to get those manly callouses anymore. All you have to do is decide to lift some heavy weights a few times a week.

7. Your new walk.

7Ever wanted to look like you’re a cowboy or gal? No worries. Just have an intense leg day and your knees will literally repel one another.

8. Bacne.

8Sweating all over, under and in between leads to acne in places you never dreamt you’d have.

9. Infections!

9Jock itch and foot fungal infections are so. freaking. gross.

Which of these gross things are the worst? Are you skeeved out by other workout moments? Comment below!