Finally, the official bra breakdown here at Adore Me. So many bra brands focus on good vs. bad fit, and the elements of a perfectly fitting bra, that sometimes we forget about all the different styles of bras there are. So much of a good fitting bra depends on the elements of certain styles of bras: the cup height, the neckline drop, the amount of padding, the width of the underwire, etc.

We are here to make this bra style categorization easy for you. Never really knew the difference between a demi and a balconette bra? Or a push-up vs. an unlined bra? Well, after reading this bra breakdown guide, it will all make sense to you. And the best part of Adore Me is that we offer all these options, as well as combinations of them! So make sure to keep an eye out for each and every one of them.


Ilona UnlinedThere are lots of different categories of unlined bras (demi, underwire, balconette, bralette…), but let’s try to get a general idea here. The great thing about unlined bras is that they still offer support (when well made) without the extra weight and bulk of too much padding.

As a result, they feel lightweight and comfortable, and because they show more of the natural form, they also feel sexy in a very subtle way. With or without an underwire, unlined bras are best suited to be worn under light and airy clothes, as they look less bulky than their padded counterparts. Try out an unlined bra!


Vanya DemiA demi cup bra has cups that only cover about half of the bust. They are cut low across the whole cup, as opposed to a plunge bra, which is only low in the center. It may have the look of a push-up from afar, but in actuality it is not as heavily lined as a normal push-up, giving you a more natural look.

This style is very popular for designer lingerie and well-suited for lace details. Also, it is most likely that your everyday bra is a demi bra, like a good old t-shirt bra that is defined by its simplicity and practicality. T-shirt demi bras have a subtle and smooth shape, which doesn’t allow for bumps or lines under your tops. Try one on!


Gabbie BalconetteThe balconette bra has a designer-made and almost pin-up girl quality. If you like things that feel feminine and super luxurious, then you most likely will love the balconette style. This style reveals more than other styles because the height of the cups are shorter and the straps are more wider set than normal, meaning that this style of bra can stay hidden even under the most plunging of necklines.

The seamed cups give an uplifted shape and more support. It is more likely to get away with being embellished with more feminine detailing than other styles, such as pleats, ruffles, bows. You name it, the balconette can pull it off! Take a look.


Ilona UnlinedA push-up bra has padding at the bottom or sides of the cups to “push up” the bust. This type of bra creates great cleavage and looks amazing with low cut shirts.

We even offer push-ups that are padded enough to add two extra cup sizes, but in the most natural way ever, of course (upward and outward without going overboard). Push-up bras are never meant to be subtle, but that doesn’t mean they can’t put on a show of sophistication and class.


Samara PlungeA plunge bra has cups that are very low in the center with a deep V-neckline. The wires at the bottom front of the bra are very short. This type of bra is a must-have for low cut tops that would show the top of a regular bra.

The shape of the cup will push the breasts together and upwards for maximum cleavage in the most natural way. Most plunge bras also have push-up padding for added contour. It works similarly to the regular push-up bra, but with even less coverage at the front of the neckline. Check one out!


Diara Full CoverageIf you’re full-figured, or simply busty, you are going to need a lot more support to make sure you’re comfortable. But! That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having sexy lingerie. Here at Adore Me, the world of full figured lingerie has completely turned around. Try it on for size!

Full coverage bras are great for full-bodied, bustier women, because they hold all the goods in, while also shaping to the most natural form. These are usually sturdier in the under wire, contain more fabric and come in more supportive, stretchy materials so that it hugs every curve in the best way possible.


Selene LonglineLongline bras have a delicate feel and sometimes provide more coverage than your normal run-of-the-mill bras, but without the extra padding. The longline style is an unexpected vintage style that has become trendy again.

Usually made from stretchier, more flexible fabric and more movable underwires, longline bras can offer some of the best support. And because they provide more coverage than most bras, girls love to wear them underneath super sheer tops as a fashion statement!

What’s your favorite bra style? Are you ready to try a new one?

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