Ain’t no shame in any girl’s game if he’s really not worth it. Dudes, this is why she ghosted you.

You Hurt Her Feelings

You hurt her feelings by being too blunt or straightforward. Being honest is definitely important to anyone, especially a new girl you’re dating. On the first date, she doesn’t know you at all, so it’s the ideal time to be a little more sensitive than usual.

You Lied to Her

Your Tinder profile said you’re twenty-five and 6 feet tall, but you showed up and you’re….obviously neither. If it’s as simple as something that doesn’t line up with your dating profile, she has every right to ditch you at the bar counter.

You Bombed

You took a girl who isn’t into working out to a 10 mile hike for your first date, you took a girl who loves to read and chill nights in to a rave, or you just couldn’t even read that she wasn’t having a good time and move on to another activity she’d like. You b-o-m-b-e-d.

She is Fed Up

If you’re late every date, and don’t respond to her phone calls or texts (granted they aren’t obsessive) she has every right to be fed up and not value you enough to explain that that is an issue. Buh-bye!

She’s the Wrong One

So you’ve dated for a while, and she kind of just…disappeared? It’s very likely that she tried to communicate what is making her unhappy, and you haven’t tried to fix it. She was fed up and wasn’t about to try to make it work with someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with her.

So there, you have it. You’ve been ghosted and she is completely justified. BOOM.