Ah, the vagina. The pretty awe-inspiring part of our bodies that gives us pleasure, grants us a ton of pain (lookin’ at you menses) and can even deliver a freakin’ CHILD – but what do we really know about our lady parts? It’s time to get to know everything (more like 8 things) going on below our belts.

Lost & (Always, always, always) Found

Regardless of what you’re trying to insert in your vagina, it is virtually impossible to lose something in there, and that’s because the very top of your vagina is the cervix which only allows for sperm to get through. Whatever you have inserted into your lady parts is always retrievable.

But it CAN Fall Out

Your vagina does have the ability to prolapse, or fall out of the body. It’s called a utero-vaginal prolapse, and can occur due to menopause or after childbirth if your pelvic walls are weak. Either way, it can be fixed with surgery!

Your Parts are Equal to Wine

Most wines’ pH is around 3.0 or 4.0, while the normal vagina’s pH is around 3.8 to 4.5. So technically, vaginas are glasses of wine that can push babies out.

Having a Loose Part Doesn’t Mean It’s ‘Used Up’

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve heard otherwise, the only reason a woman may have a looser vagina is because your vagina may get looser with age, or because you pushed a BABY out of it. Some partners will make the false assumption that a woman is loose, but remember, right before sex your vagina expands and lubricates, and afterwards it contracts to its natural size.

Hymen, Not Found

It’s possible to be born without a hymen. Though the majority of women are born with a hymen, and they vary in shape and size, so your experience tearing it can vary as well. The other end of the stick is that you can be born with a hymen that is nearly impossible to tear, making penetration in any way a painful time or mentally impossible.

The Control Center

Compared to the 4,000 nerve endings found in a penis, the clitoris has 8,000! This means women tend to have far more intense orgasms, and some women can’t stand to have direct stimulation in that same area for an extended period of time. It’s technically the control center of the female orgasm.

There’s No Such Thing as “Normal”

A “normal” vagina does not exist. Every part of your vagina has ‘average coloring’ and ‘average measurements’ but they come in all shapes and sizes!

You Just Went, Right?

Have you ever felt like you have to pee during sex, even though you just went? That can be the cause of your partner is unknowingly stimulating your urethra or bladder during sex…or there can just be so much going on down below that your nerves get confused and tell you you need to pee, while you’re just aroused. That’s what we call nerve cross-talk.

Do you have any interesting facts or tips to share? Let us know if you’d like to learn more about lady parts with us here on the blog!