Shopping for a bra and panty nowadays is pretty utilitarian to most women. You buy a bra to enhance your breast shape and keep the headlights at bay, you buy the panties to complete the outfit and protect your lady parts from unforgiving pant fabrics. But what about lingerie as a whole? Mostly, we go for those lacy underthings because they make us feel stylish, strong, sexy or all of the above. But how do we decide which pieces to buy, aside from what your halter top or see-through blouse requires, or what you’ve seen trending on Instagram? It’s all about fit! Here’s how to shop for lingerie for your body type.

Broad Shoulders

shoulders If your shoulders are wider and a bit more broad, compared to the rest of your slim waist and legs, a flare-bottomed babydoll is your go-to. A babydoll lingerie can flatter your shoulders and the flared bottom will give volume to your bottom half, balancing out your figure top to bottom.


Your breasts and hips are equally proportioned, and your waist is your smallest measurement. The perfect styles for hourglass shapes is anything that’ll accentuate your waist. Try a set with a garter belt. Not only are they super nifty for stocking occasions, but it emphasizes your waist.

Itty Bitties

Small chests don’t need as much support, and sometimes ditching the bra is an obvious option. If your straps are always falling and strapless bras tend to become a belt when you hit the dance floor (the YMCA is tricky) try out a racerback bralette.


Your body is smaller up top: smaller chest and narrow shoulders, and your thighs and booty are on the thicker side. Draw the eye from top to bottom and show a little skin. A plunging neckline or strong graphic print will do the trick!


Being petite all over means you can wear tops meant for smaller chests that are meant for fashion over ‘function.’ Go for styles that have volume without overwhemling your petite shape.


busty Having a bigger bust doesn’t make it ‘easier’ to feel sexy in lingerie. Your top half may be ideal to fill out a cute bra, but if you have a smaller bottom or narrower hips it becomes a challenge to shop by set. In order to balance out your busty top but smaller bottom, try a panty with a thick waistband or high waist.

Lil’ Torso

short torso
Is your torso on the shorter side, but you have legs for days? Stay away from high waisted bottoms, because they will likely eat up your midsection. Go for a low-rise bottom to elongate your tummy area!

Long Torso

long torso

Having shorter legs and a longer torso is sort of a blessing this season since high waisted everything is all the rage. Try a high waisted bottom, or go for a lacy crop top set to draw the attention to your legs and shoulders.



You have a long, sleek, muscular frame. A slender body type like yours can be lingerie’d in a bunch of ways, so you should take your underpinnings as a way to experiment! From a teddy to a corset, the lingerie world’s your oyster.

Which body type do you have, and what’s your favorite styles to wear? Let us know in the comments below!