How to Freshen Up for a Date After Work

Planning a first date for after work is a great idea—it leaves your weekend free, and it gives you an easy out if you don’t feel a connection with your date (“Big day ahead tomorrow, better head home!” or “Thanks so much for the drink, I’ve got dinner plans with a friend at 9!”).

Of course, a workday is busy enough already without adding a first date to the mix. But with a few tips, you’ll know exactly how to go from work to a date, 100 percent stress-free.

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready—and get there!

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Nobody wants to be the girl who has to send her date text after text saying, “Sorry, I’ll be just another 15 minutes!” If your workday ends at 5, schedule your date for 6 or even later—so if your last meeting runs late, your boss holds you back to handle “just one more thing,” or your train is delayed, you still have enough time to freshen up after work for your date and get to the bar without feeling rushed.

Five minutes can be enough to freshen up.

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A long day at work—especially a stressful one—might leave you feeling not-so-fresh, but that’s easily fixed. The morning of your date, pack a pouch with deodorant, your favorite perfume, a toothbrush, and a little dry shampoo—and after five minutes in the office bathroom, you’ll feel almost as fresh as you did when you stepped out of the shower.

Take your outfit from the office to ooh la la.

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In some ways, it’s easy to know what to wear for drinks after work, especially if you’re meeting up during happy hour—most people will be wearing their business attire, so your favorite work blouse or office-appropriate little black dress won’t look at all out of place.

That said, a special date night outfit can help you feel more confident and more excited about your evening—so make a few tweaks to take your look to the next level, such as swapping your comfortable black flats for a pair of bright red heels, adding a bold statement necklace, or swiping on a bright lip color.

And don’t forget the most essential part of your date-after-work outfit: a well-fitting, beautiful bra-and-panty set that gives you an extra boost of confidence (even if you’re the only one who’ll see it that day!).

Remember that this is a date—not drinks with coworkers.

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One downside to having a first date after work is that you’re still in work mode—and the result can be a dull evening of “talking shop” or, worse, griping about your boss. Try to steer the conversation past the workday as quickly as possible so that you can get to know your date as a person, not just as someone’s employee.

If it’s a school night, wrap up early.

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When the conversation—and the drinks—are flowing, it can be tempting to order one more round…and then another…and before you know it, it’s midnight, and you’ve got to be up for a big meeting in six hours!

Even if the date is going well, call it a night after just one or two drinks—you’ll feel better in the morning, you’ll stay cool and collected, and you’ll have even more reason to look forward to the second date.

Do you have any more tips for how to go from work to a date? Give us the scoop in a comment below!