‘Tis the season to get cozied up with a cuddle buddy. Why is that? Well, because the autumn chill is kicking in and who else is going to keep you both warm and entertained?! Here’s how to have a successful cuffing season, single ladies.

1. Make sure you want to participate.

111If you really want to do cuffing season right, you need to be 100% willing to participate. This season’s meant to bring cheer and cuddles, not one night stands and heartbreak.

2. Get your lineup in tact.

222Don’t accidentally jump into a season-long relationship with a guy who is just fun ‘right now’. Before you get on the cuff wagon, he should prove to have the qualities you desire in a boo.

3. Make sure the feelings are there.

333333If the guy seems like he doesn’t want to get cuffed and settle down for the 24/7 Netflix binge, let him go!

4. Are they worthy?

4444Ask yourself, is this guy someone you could confidently bring around your family – more importantly, foresee eventually becoming your season long sidekick?

5. It might get deep. Or very shallow.

5When you sign up for the cuff life, keep in mind he could just want a ‘when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s it’s over’ kind of thing, or he could want to make you his girlfriend. It can go either way, but as long as you’re realistic, it should be all good!

Are you going to get cuffed this season? Are you anti-cuffing? Share your thoughts in a comment below!