Why do you wear lingerie?

Is it for an occasion? For your SO? Is it… for you?

Let’s take a second to evaluate. When you think about lingerie, these might be the first words you think of… Sexy. Lacy. Risque. Maybe a few others. But all of these words tend to give the idea that lingerie is for someone else. Something you have or wear or save for a particular person or occasion. And at times, it’s perfectly fine to think that way. But it’s personal. Your style and taste are expressions of who you are, and that’s something that shouldn’t be dictated by the tastes or desires of someone else. And it most certainly shouldn’t be dictated by the Taylor Swifts and Kylie Jenners of the world.

Think about it — lingerie, whether it’s a bra and undies or a slip, is the first thing that goes on your body each day. It’s literally the foundation of your outfit. It’s easy to fall into a rut of basic underthings and sleepwear. The trusty go-tos that are pretty worn down (but you just can’t help but hold onto them for dear life). Sure, they do the job. But do they make you feel good? Do they make you feel special and powerful and sexy and confident?

When you make that the foundation of your look — of your day, even — everything changes. You sit up a little taller. Your eyes sparkle a little. You smirk knowing that you’re the only one aware of the delicate bits of lace lying beneath your office appropriate outfit or your scrubs or your sweats. When it comes time to sleep, swathed in something silky and soft, you feel incredible and wake up feeling just as gorgeous as we know you are.

It’s a magical feeling, wearing something beautiful. It’s even better knowing that you’re not doing it for anyone other than yourself. It’s for you.

We’d love to know why you wear lingerie — share with us in the comments!