No one ever said dating was easy. Introduce your run of the mill iPhone and improvements to WhatsApp, add a cup of social media obsession, a dash of millennial ‘tude, and shake it up to create the worst cocktail we all have no choice but to stomach: Mooning.

We thought ghosting was bad, but mooning is the new and improved way to give your date a digital middle finger!

Mooning is probably the worst – especially since there’s no real way to find out if you’re being mooned. So, how does one ‘moon’ without flashing a little tush? Here’s how to moon someone aka ghost through your phone aka be the worst person ever.

1. It all starts in your iPhone Settings.

1Go to Settings, and switch on the Do Not Disturb option. Then, you can switch on the Manual button. A moon icon will appear in the status bar.

2. Silence is golden.

2Now, when your iPhone is locked, all calls and alerts will arrive, but they’ll be on silent. Unless they’re on your specific list of Favorites.

3. Don’t worry, it gets worse.

3You can reach a whole other level of jerk by changing the way you use your WhatsApp, too. You can easily read messages without the other person knowing you’ve read them. They won’t see the blue check marks that pop up when the recipient has read it.

4. Lock it up.

4This only works when your phone is locked! If you see the person you’re trying to avoid is messaging you (by seeing the alerts pop up on your lock screen) just drag up the mini menu and switch your phone to airplane mode.

5. Shut it down.

5Still in airplane mode, you can now read the message they sent without them knowing you’ve read it. The only drawback is that you now have to wait a couple minutes to scroll through Instagram again, turn your phone off and turn it back on.
6Then, you can take it off of airplane mode and Snapchat your besties your most unattractive angles.

Would you moon someone? Do you think you’ve been mooned? Let us know in a comment below!