Out with the old and in with the new. It’s officially 2016 and hot glam we feel good! Okay, that’s a lie. But don’t chalk up your minor weight gain or lackluster attitude to the holidays – this was our reality in August and honestly we just kept making the same silly decisions over and over again. Sigh.

Instead of putting every little thing under the microscope, we decided to put together some quick fixes that will make 2016 a better year – at least for our underthings. I mean, it’s what underneath that counts, right? Check out the lingerie commandments to live by in 2016.

I will make the space to properly store my bras.

Turns out most of us ladies have been storing our bras the wrong way this. entire. time. Let’s also add in the fact that we probably have 10 too many of everything, so folding your cup into the other cup seems like a no-brainer in the space saving department. Let’s stop treating our bras like our last-minute-packed suitcase and put them on display.

I will clean my lingerie the right way, every time.

We’re all guilty of letting our older, less-worn pieces “age out.” We have a bunch of pretty, new things to take care of and in our case, covet. The new rule of thumb for 2016 is to either toss ’em and put them out of their hot cycle wash misery or treat ’em right. You know, like dating.

I will get my true bra size for that time of the month.

If your bust changes dramatically during your menses (ugh) you’ll notice the bra that made you feel super sexy is now suffocating your ladies. It’s time we picked up a couple of bras that fit comfortably and still make us feel fierce when our chest is a bit off-kilter.

I will try a style I’ve never tried before.

Whether you’re a plunge-lover tried and true or you can’t get enough of simple bralettes, if you haven’t tried a style, how do you know it’s not your long lost love? If you haven’t been laced up in a corset or tried a cheeky thong, you might be missing out, and we’re not about to have FOMO in 2016. No way, no how.

I will wear more underwear as outerwear.

You read that right. Double (or quadruple) the use of your underwear by wearing your new slip as a dress, or tucking it in to serve as a tank. Wear your button-down PJ top as, well, a button-down with your favorite pair of jeans. This year we will be trendy and bring back trends everyone else forgot about. You trendsetter, you.

I will ditch (most) of my oversized t-shirts for pj sets.

It’s 2016 and we’re not getting any younger. Let’s attempt to ‘adult’ one last (more) time and toss all of the t-shirts we’re drawn to throwing on before snoozing. Hey, a sleepshirt is a step in the right direction and is way more impressive than that faded YMCA tee…right? Right? OK.

I will wear garters and stockings to my day job.

Sometimes it’s nice to live in the wild side. You probably got a set of garters for that one special night or holiday and never bothered with it again – dust those daring dedicates off and wear them for a not-so-special occasion. (e.g. Work or class). The best thing about sneaking these little pieces under your work dress? It’s your own teeny sexy secret, even if it’s just for one day. You go, girl.

With that said, we’ll just need to keep this in mind: It’s not hoarding if it’s lingerie. Plus, we’re totally going to properly care for all of it. It’s going to be our staple inside, outside, at work, in the club, at the beach…Here’s to another year of eating good and working out sometimes!