As we strive for a sleeker silhouette, it’s time to realize that panties are more than the cheesy, dreaded 7-packs of our grade school days. Muffin top, panty lines, camel toe…Here are all of our under-the-surface panty woes that can seriously affect the shape of our lady parts, and our health ‘down there.’

1. Panties that are too tight.

More often than not, we shop for panties by size and not necessarily by fit. Some brands may sell a medium that actually fits like an extra small, and that ladies, is how we are rewarded with a muffin top.

2. Going straight for thongs.

Thong panties are great in many aspects, like little-to-zero panty lines and a sexy look if we’re in the mood. However, if you tend to get yeast or bacterial infections, a thong can make it way worse.

3. Wearing thongs to sleep.

Whether or not your daily wear of a thong irritates your lady parts, sleeping in one is not advised. Your best bet is to sleep in a cotton panty or nothing at all.

4. Wearing underwear at all to sleep.

Some of us prefer the sense of security that panties and pajamas give us when it’s time to pass out, and others are more comfy in their birthday suits. Regardless of your taste, sleeping completely in the nude is healthier.

5. Going commando too often.

Hey, we’re all about going commando, but there are some minor rules to keep in mind. If you’re going with a pair of pants, the seam of your pants will sit right against your lady parts and can cause irritation. In theory, going sans panties makes sense, but only on certain occasions.

6. Sweaty undergarments.

Summer is on the horizon so let’s get real about sweating. If you’re one to sweat a bit, you should change your panties at least twice a day.

7. Wearing them past their expiration.

Yes, all underwear can expire. You know, the undies that have loose elastic from wear and tear, or holy lace…Yep, those are the ones. Get rid of them before they cause discomfort, and just look plain gross.

8. Visible panty lines.

Visible panty lines, aka VPL, have to be one of the worst panty mistakes we need to stop making. It’s the most visible and easily repairable mistakes of all! The solution is to wear a pair one size larger, or opt for a thong, g-string or seamless panty.

9. Using non-hypoallergenic detergent.

Using detergents or dryer sheets that have a high concentration of perfumes can be the culprit of irritation. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin overall, your lady parts can have a different reaction than any other area of your body.

10. Shapewear 24/7.

We love our corsets. We love our shapewear. But, everything that compresses your body so much shouldn’t be worn for extended periods of time. You can experience decreased circulation, numbness and tingling in your extremities, so keep your corset looks to a minimum.

11. Camel toe.

We all have the same parts, so why do only some of us put the camel toe on display? Too little coverage. Either the panty worn is too small in size, or not covering enough skin. If you’re afraid of a frontal wedgie, wear a hipster or seamless thong panty under those leggings.

12. You’re storing them wrong, too.

If you’re one to toss all of your panties into your bra drawer, all of that cute lace can get snagged and pulled by your bra hooks. Fold each panty individually and keep them in a separate area of your drawer from the bras.

So there you have it. The most common panty problems we experience and some easy fixes!

Do you have any other panty woes? Let’s dish it out in the comments below!