Wearing the same ratty old undies you’ve had since college is no way to treat yourself. We get it, adulting is hard. But putting together a beautifully arranged lingerie drawer full of pieces you love is something any woman can handle, and it’s easier than you think. Not sure if your lingerie closet is in need of a refresh?


If any of these sounds familiar, it’s definitely time to give your lingerie wardrobe an upgrade.

You can picture your grandma wearing the same undies.

2You’ve worn a bikini bottom as underwear in the past six months. Honey, no. Your lingerie drawer should be full of options, not desperation.


Your “special occasion” panties still have the tag on them. If you loved them, you would have worn them already. Toss anything too complicated to actually wear.


You’re wearing the same undies you bought 5 years ago. Those bargain bin G strings you got on clearance at the mall on spring break? Pass.

5Your drawer is full of pieces that no longer fit.

6Your favorite pieces are worn out. Toss anything ripped, no matter how much you love it. You will find another pair of cheeky shorts that hug your bum in just the right way. We promise.

7Your bras could double as murder weapons. No, it’s not normal for the underwire to feel stabby. Toss anything with exposed boning.

8You have more “period panties” than “date night panties.” That time of the month is no reason to dress in rags. Treat yourself to a week’s worth of black undies. You’ll feel more confident on your flow days.

9You don’t own anything that matches. Nothing says “polished, sexy, and confident” like a matched set under your outfit, even if that outfit is just sweatpants on grocery day.

10The sexiest thing you own is a plain black thong. You are a grown ass woman. You deserve at least a few pairs that make you feel like Giselle stomping down the runway!

So, there you have it. Is your lingerie wardrobe in need of a refresh? Let us know!