Having worn underwear for, I don’t know, forever, us girls tend to stick to certain brands or styles. We have our tried and true pairs in our rotation, but there are always exceptions to this line-up. Here are the 10 pairs of underwear that are always sitting second string in our lingerie drawers.

1. Third date panties.

Your Girl Boss underwear, also known as your Third Date panties are definitely ‘wow’ worthy. This pair can be any style that makes you feel like the bomb (dot) com. You slip these on to give yourself an extra boost of confidence for work or play.

2. Workout underwear.

A boyshort, bikini or hipster are all options in the workout underwear world – plus, they have to be breathable! If you’re wearing a thong while working out, you’re doing it wrong.

3. That *special* pair.

This fancy pair is either super intricate/strappy or designer – either way, you can’t hide those panty lines under your everyday clothes or there’s just so little material that they’re just not comfy. Reserved for special occasions only.

4. Period panties.

No one buys panties just for that time of the month, our nice panties we love just become period panties. Surprise periods anyone?! So you hold onto this pair for next month, duh.

5. The one with the graphic print or weird slogan

You have no idea why you still have this pair, but once upon a time you thought a pair of underwear that says something along the lines of ‘BYE’ on the butt was cool. Those were dark days.

6. Underwear dedicated to your favorite things

Tacos are cool. Beer can be fun. But on your underwear? Yes, you bought those on a whim and you don’t have the heart to trash them. You can only hope that this is the pair you have on when the crimson wave hits.

7. That overly-complicated pair.

The one pair you bought because it was super strappy and cool, but became a rubik’s cube the moment you brought them home. You won’t approach this pair unless you’re feeling adventurous, and have at least an extra 20 minutes to get ready.

8. The Last Call pair.

You know, the panties you wear when everything else is in the wash. They’re likely a weird polyester blend that doesn’t breathe, or the elastic has decided to give up on life.

9. The ‘literally wore these once.’

Whether they’re the ones that don’t let your lady parts breathe, or they just don’t make your butt look good, you bought them online and you don’t have the heart to let them go. (See: Last Call pair.)

10. ‘Comfy’ boy shorts.

The pair of comfy boy shorts we all have (to lounge around the house in) that always ride up and become a not-so-sexy bikini panty after a few laps around the living room. This is the usual when your thighs rub together, even slightly.

Which pairs do you have in your drawer? Do you have other exceptions to your everyday rotation? Share them in a comment below!