No one said shopping for a new bra was easy. Actually, just kidding, we did. Either way, shopping for a new bra when you realize your tried and true, everyday bra just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s old, kinda ratty and the cups are permanently wrinkled – it’s time you let go… Here are the 7 emotional stages of shopping for a new bra.

1. Realization

So your bra is virtually falling apart, and doesn’t even give you the support you need anymore. You cannot believe your time together is actually ending, but you know you deserve better than achy shoulders and less-than-perky girls. You consider having a mourning period instead of just letting go, but then you think about how ridiculous it would be to leave your bra out in the open, staring at you, in its sad, sad state until you toss it.

2. Anticipation

After you realize you need to throw out your old bra, you’re desperate for answers. You anticipate the moment you get to walk out of the store with the perfect fit and in your daydream montage, you have gravity defying breasts that seem to just stand up by themselves.

3. Anxiety

You walk into a store and immediately become overwhelmed by the amount of options and colors and styles and — you just a second to collect yourself before you dive in and start the whole trial and error process.

4. Excitement and Hope

You do have a ton of styles to try on, so the odds you’ll find your dream bra are pretty high…right? You’re pretty damn hopeful.

5. Skepticism and Pain

You start picking at the mountain of styles you pulled for yourself and start trying those puppies on. Then quadboob happens. After a 12 minute long sigh, you go for the style you were really eyeing. Then that bra you placed all your bets on ends up pinching you right under the armpit. THE PAIN.

6. Hope (again)

You take a quick second and hype yourself up – you still have so many more options in the pile! You remind yourself that you have two boobs and are a woman, so there has to be something in there that works, just based on anatomical facts… You’re so close you can taste it.

7. Bliss

Then…THE HEAVENS OPEN UP ABOVE YOUR DRESSING ROOM. You found the bra that fits you perfectly, feels like you aren’t even wearing one and will go with soooo many outfits.

You’re ugly-crying. You pat yourself on the back. You can take on ANYTHING.

Now sure where to start? This should help.

What does your bra shopping experience feel like? Let us know in a comment below!