In the wide, wide world of boobs, there are plenty of shapes, sizes, and colors – but let’s not forget about nipples. We like to think of them as windows to our bosom’s soul. You’re probably wondering why this is even important (since most of us like to keep our headlights at bay) but variety is the spice of life, even if it exists under your bra.

There are 8 different types of nipples out there, and before you get all ‘omg are my nipples weird!?’ all of them are perfectly normal and healthy – there are variations of each and every one of them. Check out the 8 types of nipples!


1. Protruding

A protruding nipple protrudes from the areola. There are two classifications of the protruder, short and long.
Short – A short nip stands away from the areola just a little bit.
Long – A long nip stands away from the areola a lot a bit.


2. Flat

Flat nipples aren’t always a ‘nipple on mute,’ or what some call ‘the saucers’. They can become protruding nipples when aroused or when you get chilly.


3. Inverted

Inverted nipples are just that. The nipples are inverted! They can be classified into three grades. Grade 1 is a slight inversion, grade 2 is mid-inverted and 3 is a full-on inversion.


4. Unilateral Inverted

Unilateral inverted nipples mean one of your nipples protrudes and the other is inverted. You can have any level grade of inversion on the inverted nip, but if the inversion is a new happening for you, you should have a doctor check it out. It can be a sign of breast cancer.


5. Puffy

Puffy nips start at your areola. The areola is raised from the breast and appears puffy. Your nipple still protrudes and can become even more pronounced when stimulated.


6. Bumpy

It’s normal to have tiny bumps on your areola, around your nipple. They’re called Montgomery glands and look kind of like whiteheads (but don’t try to play dermatologist with those!). Every woman has them, but some are more pronounced than others.


7. Hairy

Nipples can be on the hairy side, but this depends on the type of hair follicles you have. Every woman has hair follicles around the areola, but nipple hair can range from fine to coarse. Yes, you can tweeze them, but be careful as to not irritate the follicle and get ingrown hairs – eek.


8. Supernumerary

Two to six percent of women have an extra nipple! Having an extra nipple is good luck, according to a fact that we just made up. But in all seriousness, an extra nip can appear as a full nipple or as a small mole.

Some of us just aren’t meant to fit in a mold! Which nipple do you have?