Hey busty ladies: If you remember shopping for bras in the past, you were probably cornered into buying what some like to refer as ‘grandma bras’. Those nude, boring bras that looked matronly at best were the only options you had available – not to mention the insane price tag on bras that took just a little more fabric and a tiny bit more structure. PSH! Luckily, in the past few years, bra sizes (both cups and bands) are now catering to women in the realm of DD+ and up. (This is mostly due to the average size in America now being 36DD, but let’s just say our voices were finally HEARD.) So now that you have a wide range of styles to choose from, which are best to support you from sun up to sun down? Read on for the best bras for big busts and plus-sized ladies.

Full Coverage

A full coverage bra is best for ladies who battle with spillage over their cups. If you’re wearing the right cup size, this shouldn’t happen, but a full coverage will prevent it better than any other style out there!

Lacy Full Coverage

Boob sweat is a serious issue when your breasts are on the heavier side. Luckily, you can still get full coverage styles in a lightweight lace, allowing natural breathability without compromising the support you need.


If you’re constantly battling digging straps, a racerback bra will take on most of the weight ‘the girls’ may put on your shoulders. Also, make sure that your band is the right size. If it’s too loose, it won’t provide the support you need, allowing the straps to take on the bulk of the work.


Sometimes the little roll that occurs beneath your bra band can get super annoying. Instead of just dealing or trying to cover it up with tighter camis, try a longline style. Longlines hit right at the waist, smooths you out underneath the natural bra band, and provides a little extra support. Plus, they’re super sexy!

Contour Balconette

Some ladies with larger busts want to minimize, or downplay having ‘too much’ cleavage. A balconette style with light contouring has a wider neckline for natural cleavage, and can be hidden under your tops that have lower necklines.


Just because you have a larger bust, doesn’t mean strapless bras are off the table. You should always go for the correct cup size, and (sometimes) consider a smaller band size than your strappy bras. This will ensure that you won’t have spillage and the band will do all the heavy lifting it’s supposed to. A word to the busty and wise: All strapless Adore Me styles can be worn as a bra with straps and convert into a strapless!

Have you tried any of these styles? Share your favorites in a comment below!