All breasts were not created equally. And no, we don’t just mean size! Just because  you measure to fit a specific size band and cup, doesn’t mean that every single style is perfect for your unique breast shape. Here’s a breakdown of the main boob shapes out there and exactly how you should be dressing them!

The Minimalist

minimalWhat it is: Your breasts are on the smaller side, and have no natural cleavage.

What type of bra you should try: You would think a push-up style would work magic, but unfortunately you’ll probably find the bra will gap away from your chest. A bralette, or demi cup will work best for your breast shape.

Like, So Shallow


What it is: Shallow breasts, otherwise known as settling breasts, lack volume up top. If you have these babies, you probably experience cleavage pooling and some gaping at the top of your bras.

What type of bra you should try: Try a cup with less coverage and wide-set straps. Demi bras cover less of the breast and are usually lightly lined to push up the volume you may have at the lower portion of your breast. As for wider-set straps, go with a balconette or styles with seaming on the sides.

The Slopes


What it is: Conical breasts are somewhat perky, have little to no volume at the top of the breast, and point outward away from the body. They are cone-shaped rather than round.

What type of bra you should try: You should try a padded, plunge bra, since pushing the apex of the breast in and upwards makes more of a natural shape and a comfortable fit.

The Divorce


What it is: If your breasts are wide-set, and one points east and the other points west.

What type of bra you should try: Because your ladies tend to settle to the sides, a balconette can tame them to sit more towards the front. If underwire tends to poke your sides and isn’t your comfortable bra of choice, try a wireless bra with a triangular shape. A bralette is a good place to start!

Strong, Independent, Weightlifters


What it is: Anyone who has had a breast augmentation would fit right into this category, or those who have naturally round, full and supported breasts.

What type of bra you should try: Since your breasts are supported with or without a bra, you can actually go for any bra under the sun. At this rate, just go with whatever bra helps you achieve the type of look you want.

Deflate Gate


What it is: Naturally deep or longer cleavage and semi-supported boobs.

What type of bra you should try: If your cleavage is on the longer side, and your chest doesn’t require the full coverage a DD+ size might, try a plunge bra. It will help guide your breasts to the front and leave ample space for natural cleavage.

Have your breasts been through, well, life?

A full-coverage bra should help support the hanging or deflating girls. As this type of breast is a sign of aging, they tend to be more malleable so you can form them into any shape you want. A multi-seamed bra with a little extra coverage should do the trick!

The Variety Pack


What it is: Almost 50% of women have uneven breasts. Seriously! This could even be directly correlated to being right handed, making the muscle behind your right breast tighter and smaller – or vice versa.

What type of bra you should try: Always shop for the shape and volume of the larger breast. Try a contour cup bra to shape the smaller breast, or a bra with removable cookies. Remove the cookie in the larger breasts’ cup and keep the other in – voila!

Totally Tubular


What it is: This shape tends to be found on smaller cup sizes, and the breasts sit longer than they sit wide.

What type of bra you should try: A plunge also works for thin, tubular shaped boobs. It’s the best way to center the breasts, and lift those puppies up. Depending on how tubular your boobs are and your cup size, you can also consider a bra with padding on the outer curve by the armpit.

The Teardrops


What it is: This breast shape is slightly bell-shaped at the bottom, higher set with decent support. If there was an ideal breast shape to shop for, this would be it!

What type of bra you should try: Unlike augmented breasts, this natural shape can stand to wear a push-up without delivering unnatural cleavage. You can try pretty much any style, and this is based on preference.

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