Here at Adore Me, we are obsessed with creating pretty lingerie with an amazing fit. But when you’re shopping on your own, who can you go to to give you honest tips on how to shop better? Here are some tips from one of Adore Me’s technical designers (AKA bra fit expert) Colleen Leung, because, trust us: She has seen IT. ALL. Check ‘em out.

1. Getting fitted isn’t a one-time deal for anyone.

Getting the perfect letter and number fit does not stop there. You can find the perfect bra, but then you get pregnant, you get your period, you go through menopause, you lose or gain weight. These are all huge factors when it comes to your bra fit and how often it can actually fluctuate. About 80% of women have one breast bigger than the other, so that can affect your specific size, too. Our technical designer aka bra fit expert, Colleen Leung fills us in with another super important tip:

“While finding your best fit, keep in mind, follow the 2 finger rule. You should be able to fit 2 fingers between your band and your back, but you should not be able to fit your fist. If you can fit your fist, you need to go to a smaller band size or your band is stretched out and it’s time for a new bra.”

This should be a rule of thumb for all ladies out there. Get fitted whenever any of these life events happen, or feel free to measure yourself at home. There’s no shame in having different-sized bras in your rotation.

2. Shopping for asymmetrical breasts.

Girls usually have one boob that is larger than the other, but don’t know how to shop for a bra that will accurately fit both. The rule of thumb is to shop for the larger breast cup size, and go from there. Does the bra have removable cookies? Put both cookies into the smaller breast’s cup. Are you a fan of using extra inserts? Now’s the time to put them to use and even out the ladies.

3. Not all brands have the same fit.

Next time you’re flip flopping from brand to brand while online or department store shopping, keep Colleen’s advice in mind:

“Not all brands have the same fit, some have firmer bands or more generous cup capacity, and certain styles of bras fit different body types better than others.”

So simply put, if you’re a 36C in one bra style and brand, you can be a 36D or 38C in another style and brand. Keep track of your size per store, because there isn’t a solid sizing standard much like the rest of the fashion industry…

4. Don’t be afraid of the tailor.

Did you spend a bunch of cash on bras that no longer fit you? It may be time for a new bra… But if the bra is still in good condition, consider taking your most loved styles to the tailor. A professional tailor will be able to take in, or add hooks to your existing bra for just 5-10 bucks! Now your bra has a new lease on life.

5. Convertible bras are the Holy Grail.

The best bra to invest in first is a convertible bra. It’s a lot like investing in a ‘customizable’ bra, because you can do so much with it! This bra gives you multiple options like removing the straps to create a strapless bra, unhooking the band straps and crossing them to hide under halter tops, racerbacks, and more.

Did these tips help your bra shopping experience? Did you learn some new tricks? Let us know in a comment below!