Everyone has their own lingerie style, from demure to pretty outside of the box. Enter bizarre lingerie. The lingerie that would make crotchless panties and cupless bras blush, and latex lingerie capes shudder. The lingerie you may or may not send to your worst enemy’s office under an anonymous name. Without further ado, here’s some bizarre pieces that make us thankful for Adore Me time and time again.

Tweeting Bra

a98866_underwear_8-tweeting The tweeting bra literally sends a tweet out whenever it’s unclasped. It was intended to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, though we think it lends itself a little more to those creepy guys stalking your Twitter profile. Are you social media shy? This one is not for you…

Gas Filtering Underwear


Worried about flatulence when you’re in your skivvies? This weird pair of underwear will allow you partner to, um, sniff your bottom in the most uncomfortable of circumstances.

Gas Mask Bra


The gas mask bra was developed in 1986 by Dr. Elena Bodnar after the Chernobyl disaster. It actually has a radiation sensor built in which is neat – if you live near a nuclear power plant.

Chastity Bra


The Konkatsu Bra or chastity bra was developed by Triumph International to help Japanese women find a mate – to keep the country’s birthrate up. Luckily, the wearer can set the LCD screen timer herself, and when she gets engaged, she pushes her engagement ring into the pink heart between the cups. It then plays ‘here comes the bride.’ There’s also a pen and stamp seal in pockets on the side of the bra….to use when filling out marriage licenses of course.

Push Up Bra for Men


Just like ladies, some men need a little extra oomph up top. We guess…

Hairy Lingerie

hairy lingeire

So, you spend time and money grooming your lady parts to just wear a screenprint of fake hair down there?! And what if you’re a blonde? This is just bi-zarre.

Which lingerie weirded you out the most? Which ones would you try? Let us know in a comment below!