Audrey Hepburn’s pearls and cateye sunnies, Diana Ross’ glitterati of dresses… Just like Bey and her Beyhive, we’ve got the original Queen Bees who wore the bras we’ll never forget. Check out the most iconic bras of the century and the cool women who wore them.

Mata Hari’s Bra

mata hariMargaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod AKA Mata Hari was a famous exotic dancer who was notorious for her exotic moves and stripping down to her jeweled metallic bra. She never took off her bra nor her jewelry, as she wanted to distract her audience from her small breast size.

The Bullet Bra

Bullet braThe conical bra ruled the 1950’s, popularized by actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. Having breasts that were more pointy than curvy was all the rage, and gave rise to the famed ‘Sweater Girl’ look every girl was after!

The Coconut Bra

coconutOur next icon is none other than the coconut bra. This (literally) solid symbol of the Hawaiian Islands remains a staple of hula girl costumes all over the world.

The Lethal Weapons

lethalThe character Austin Powers brought us more than terrible puns and creepy sexual references. The part-time special agent was confronted by the Fembots, armed with serious bras that can fire knockout gas or bullets.

Katy Perry’s Whipped Cream Bra

Katy-Perry-whipped-cream-braWhat better way to bust a move than with Katy Perry’s infamous whipped cream rocket bra? The busty artist has always pushed fashion boundaries to the edge of comic fantasy, but when preparing for her music video ‘California Gurls’ she really outdid herself.

Raquel Welch’s Fur Bra

Raquel Welch Fur BraIn 1966, Raquel Welch donned an animal hide and fur bikini for her role in the film One Million Years BC. The girl had a total of 3 lines in the movie, but her iconic outfit and curvaceous figure will never be forgotten.

Jane Fonda’s Chainmail Bra

barbarella_94The fitness guru, actress, writer and two-time Oscar winner, Jane Fonda, brought the chainmail bra to life in 1968. Barbarella is known for being a lackluster film, but was nothing short of eye-catching with Fonda on the screen. Seriously, look at that red thong layered OVER the chainmail skirt.

Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier Bustier

madonnaMadonna’s best known for her conical bras and bustiers – most importantly the bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour – that was recreated (above). JPG recreated his design and took the bustier to another level with patent leather and metallic leather for Madonna’s 2012 MDNA tour. I-con-ic!

Erin Brockovich’s Push-up Bra

julia-roberts-8Julia Roberts transforms for her title role as Erin Brockovich from America’s Sweetheart to a scantily clad, sassy single mother with a little help from a solid push-up bra. Her bra peeks (if not spills) out of her tops and dresses throughout the film, so you’d never be able to forget it!

Lady Gaga’s Firework Bra

4th_Of_July_-_Miscellaneous_-_Lady_Gaga_Breast_FireworksAvant garde is the game and Lady Gaga owned it in 2009. Our Lady of Gaga performed (pantsless) with live sparklers blazing from her bustier, paying homage to Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour bra, created by Jean Paul Gaultier.
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