Every lady wants to find the perfect lingerie for every occasion, but most of us don’t even know where to start. Not only should the style complement your body type – it’s supposed to make you feel good, too! Up your lingerie knowledge and make shopping for underpinnings easy as 1, 2, 3!



The corset bra is special because it is one of the earliest styles of lingerie ever developed! The earliest image of a possible corset was made in 2000 BC, but was worn as outerwear rather than under the clothing.

How much extra support you will get from a corset depends on how structured the body section of the corset is and also in the bust area – this can be manipulated when you adjust the corset ties, or in some cases, busks (hooks) in the back. Since it cinches your shape so dramatically, and covers more than the average bra and panty sets, the corset leaves more to the imagination. Take one for a spin.



The bustier is commonly confused with the corset, since some bustiers tend to have a lace-up in the front, back or sides. Just because it laces, does not mean it’s a corset! Unlike corsets, bustiers usually have structured cups for support, adjustable straps, little to no boning and less cinching at the waist. They’re also easier to wear with your daytime looks, and even easier to show off at night!



One of the easiest lingerie staples, the teddy is a one piece, much like a swimsuit structure but in a variation of cutouts, tie ups and sheerness. Teddies can be lined or unlined, have structure near the bust or not, and the closure varies as well. They boast little-to-no waist cinching, and are meant to stretch and move with the body.


Ilona Unlined

Rompers are very similar to the teddies, but instead of a bikini-style bottom portion, they have a short short structure. It’s also one of the simplest lingerie staples to shop for and to wear as they move with the body and don’t require a super tight fit like a corset or bustier.



Known for their cute vibe and sheer tendencies, the babydoll is essentially a super short lingerie dress. They tend to have a seam right below the breast and extra fabric towards the hem, for a style that flows away from the body. Your average babydoll will have a triangle top and deeper V, though the only thing that really separates the babydoll from other styles is it’s length – or lack thereof. This is why we pair our babydolls with a cute matching panty.



Now, most of us confuse slips with babydolls and don’t even know we’re doing it. Here’s one way to tell the difference: the length! Yes, it’s really that simple. Slips are usually the ideal length to wear under dresses we will sport outside, so in order for it to serve a purpose without creating an odd seam on your upper thigh like a babydoll would, it would definitely be longer. Also, they have a smoother hemline (like this one), and hangs closer to the body, as to not add volume to the dress you would wear over.

Did you find these descriptions helpful? Would you want to learn more about lingerie accessories like pasties and different types of stockings? Let us know in a comment below!