So…we have a problem. In the US, so many companies and brands tend to cater to bra sizes in the 34B range. Because apparently this is the average bra size. Plot twist: Those statistics are from 1992 (seriously!) and the average size, as of 2013, is actually a 34DD. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in. We good? Good.

So here’s the question we should all be asking — Why is it so difficult to find a bra in a cup above DD, let alone a band over a 36/38?

Simply put: designing and sizing bras is an intricate, costly, and time consuming process, especially for large cup and band sizes. There are several size fittings necessary, and at times, the grading that allows designers to measure sizing needs to be changed. And there are many pieces involved, from underwire to bands to supportive straps to ensure that the bra is able to support the breasts in order to take weight off of your back and shoulders. So, in comparison, measuring against what’s considered a standard is simple, it’s been done, and there are sales that can back it up. But in a country where most women fit in sizes that are on the higher side, why aren’t more brands aiming to create products to cater to the customer that actually exists, rather than solely catering to the customer they believe exists?

We’re not here to say that all brands fail to recognize that there are women of varying body types and sizes who exist. Luckily, there are brands catering to the market of women who are at the average size or above. We’re proud to say we’re one of them. But it’s tough to find those brands, and it’s even tougher to find brands who are providing access to that sizing in a reasonable price point. For example, you can’t just go into a store if, you’re say, a 38F and try on any old bra and find a good fit. And that’s a reality so many women are facing.

So what’s a buxom woman to do?:

1. Educate yourself on brands and online stores that cater to larger sizes.
2. Think outside the mall brand!
3. Let your favorite brands know what size groups they’re missing — many are already working toward filling those gaps. Just be aware that it takes a little time.

We’re here to work toward making bra buying a better experience for every shape, size and body.

Has bra shopping been an uphill battle for you? Let us know what your experiences have been!