Lingerie is much more than what meets the eye. Whether you slip into something sexy to boost your confidence, seduce your beau or just because it’s what you’re most comfortable in, the lingerie you choose says a lot about you. Check out what your lingerie says about your personality!

Oh, Babydoll!

Babydoll JalenSo is your babydoll always on deck for a romantic evening in? You know what works for you style-wise because you’re super efficient and confident. You have the ability to transform your attitude and your style depending on where you are – from dominating Excel to leading a fun happy hour, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Cinch It Up

Silvia_010_BRANDINGIf your first pick in the lingerie wardrobe is a corset, you’re definitely the bombshell who lights up the room with your sassy personality. You gravitate towards sparkly clothing and bold besties. Clothing and friend alike, if you can spot them across the room, they will make their way into your cart. Or heart. Both.

The One & Done

Farrin_DD+_2887_BRANDINGThe edgy chic gal who not only takes fashion risks but gets all of her homework done? Yep, that’s you in the teddy! You’re a smart chick who likes order and a streamlined process in all parts of your life – so it’s no surprise you make lingerie a one-and-done situation too!

The Tomboy

Matisse_2309_BRANDEDFashion rules have never been a high priority for you. You’ve been called the tomboy of the bunch more times than you can count, but you’ve never been ashamed of your penchant for comfort. A fun romper’s your top lingerie pick because they’re roomy and still allow you to give a crowd-stopping high kick when you see fit.

Bralette & Chill

Gaia_thong_022_BRANDINGYou comfy seductress you! From work to play, you always go with the flow in life. Some people may think you’re disorganized or not the most focused gal, but it all makes sense in your mind – and in the end you get everything done flawlessly and with ease.

A Robe (& nothing else)

KELSEY_DD_002_BRANDINGGirl, you’re a real exhibitionist! You can’t be bothered with something as arbitrary as a bra and underwear. You refuse to conform to a romantic lifestyle that makes you have to do more laundry than you already do. You’re a problem solver, a risk-taker, and as authentic as it gets.

Go Bold or (stay at) Home

Kyara_0200_BRANDINGYou’re all about spicing. Things. Up. Bold colors, prints and textures are your favorite ways to make a fashion statement. You aren’t afraid of taking your gartered slips from the couch to the cafe, because everything in your ideal world would make a statement!

Which lingerie style is your fave? Tell us in a comment below!