In a world where the most well-endowed women are celebrated and the smaller chested are (mostly) ignored, let’s focus on the perks (pun intended) of having small boobies. Here are 10 reasons why small boobs are awesome!

1. You don’t have to wear a bra…

Going braless here and there is fun, natural and with your small boobs you don’t command a ton of attention. On the other hand, you have pretty much endless choices in bras because you need less support.

2. Gravity is not your enemy.

You don’t have to hold your boobs when you run down the stairs.

3. You can easily sleep on your stomach.

And it’s so easy to do yoga and completely forget they’re there.

4. You’ll never have to say ‘eyes up here’

They aren’t sagging or flashing strong cleavage, so keeping good conversation eye contact is e-z.

5. Hop, skip and jump all you want.

You can run miles without feeling like your boobs will smack you in the face.

6. Every top is your top.

You can wear button down shirts without them popping open, low cut tops without threatening cleavage and triangle bikinis without risking a full-on flash.

7. You can wear deep V tops without being oversexualized.

Wearing all of those semi-sexy outfits your curvy friends wear goes unnoticed in the best way.

8. Back it up.

Your back doesn’t feel like it’s going to break 99% of the time, because you don’t need to carry around two cantaloupes on your chest.

9. You can run naked.

‘Nuff said.

10. They make you look younger.

A perky chest is a scientific sign that you are likely younger – because sagging anything channels an older, wiser woman.

What is your fave thing about being a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee? Share in a comment below!